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Timber Pest Inspections

Why Is A Timber Pest Inspection Important?

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection helps identify defects caused by timber pests, like termites, borers and wood-rotting fungi, before purchasing a property – allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions about its condition. The inspection can also help identify areas of the house vulnerable to termite infestations and guide on reducing the probability of these pests invading the structure.

How We Save You Money:

By identifying defects earlier, a pre-purchase inspection can save property owners thousands of dollars in future repairs and pest control treatments. In some cases, they may even be able to renegotiate the purchase price. Each Timber Pest investigation carefully follows the Australian Standard, as this is the usual practice for all our inspectors. They are trained professionally to detect what most would not be able to see, call us today to see how we can help you.
Timber Pest Inspections: A Closer Look at Our Inspectors’ Work

What Is Assessed During A Timber Pest Inspection?

Evidence of timber pests

We will provide you with real evidence that these critters exist. If you are purchasing a home, you will want to this evidence for your records. A timber pest inspection can identify any existing signs of infestation or risk of infestation.

Timber Pest Inspections
Severity of damage caused by the pests

You cannot make repairs if you are unaware of the scale of work required. Our inspectors can expertly assess the damage and advise you of the next steps

Timber Pest Inspections
Susceptibility of building to infestation by pests

Our inspectors can assess the likelihood of a building being subject to pest. Knowing the presence (or absence) of timber pests helps provide peace of mind for homeowners, investors and renters alike.

Timber Pest Inspections
Remedial and protective measures required

All our inspectors are highly experienced and can expertly advise you of the best way to protect your home. An inspector can advise on best practices to help prevent future problems with timber pests.

Timber Pest Inspections
If further investigations are required

If your pest infestation require further investigation; we can advise this. Perhaps your home is to be the subject of a tribunal matter. Let us help you determine this and give you our honest advice. 

Timber Pest Inspections

Report Inclusions

Our timber pest inspectors are fully trained, qualified and insured and can thoroughly and accurately assess the property against timber pest damages before purchase. They are also fully trained and qualified to follow the Australian Standard, so you can trust their judgement and be confident in your report.

Timber cladding, trim and fascia
Decks, patios and porches
Exterior doors and windows
Interior walls and ceilings
Subfloor and roof spaces
Floor joists, subfloors and foundations

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Timber Pest Inspections Specialists for a quote today!

Timber Pest Inspections
Example Defects
Timber Pest Inspections
Timber Pest Inspections
Timber Pest Inspections
Timber Pest Inspections

Timber Pest Inspection FAQs