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Terms and Conditions

Agreement: By accessing and using Owner Inspections’ website, mobile application or other related services (collectively referred to as “Services”) offered by Owner Inspections or its business partners, you agree to be legally bound by all terms and conditions in this document. Please do not use our Services if you do not agree with any of these terms. 

Limited License: Owner Inspections grants customers a limited license for personal use only of our websites and applications for their private use in accordance with these Terms & Conditions which cannot be transferred without permission from Owner Inspections’ administrators only after a written request via email. Any attempt to transfer this license will void it immediately without further notice being given by us in writing or orally if deemed necessary at our sole discretion. 

Schedule: We will make reasonable efforts to complete the project by an agreed-upon date unless unforeseen circumstances arise that are outside our control; however, we do not guarantee any specific completion time frame for service delivery due to factors that may be beyond our control, including weather-related delays or availability/scheduling issues with subcontractors or vendors. 

Warranty: Owner Inspections warrants that it has conducted its services in accordance with industry standards and applicable regulations; however, we make no warranties as to any findings from inspections conducted by us which are subject to change without notice as conditions may change over time even after an inspection has been completed. 

Termination & Cancellation Policy: Either party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice if either fails to perform their obligations under this Agreement; however, if Client cancels within 24 hours before start time, then Client will be responsible for the cancellation fee stated in your fee proposal; if the Client cancels more than 24 hours prior then no cancellation fee applies. If the Client selected non-refundable services, no refund would be made under any condition.

Pricing is subject to the ongoing availability of the services quoted. Owner Inspections reserves the right to amend/withdraw or update quotations accordingly. Owner Inspections has the full right to refuse or cancel any accepted inspections due to traveling, weather, calendar, or any other reasons. If we cancel the inspection, we refund the amount paid minus the fees payable by clients. When the clients cancel the inspection, the cancellation fees are applicable. If the service is non-refundable, then no refund is to be made.

Payment Terms: Customers can schedule their inspections online through our website or mobile application. An inspection fee is required to book an appointment; this fee is non-refundable except if we cancel your work due to weather or other extenuating circumstances out of our control. Once your appointment is scheduled, customers will receive an email confirming their appointment time as well as payment instructions. Payments are due before the commencement of the inspection and receipt of the invoice unless otherwise agreed upon between both parties. The due payment means the amount to be cleared in our financial institute statement. The reports will not be released until the full inspection fee is cleared in our account. Acceptable forms of payment include credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or direct bank transfers to Owner Inspections. If payment is not received within two days after the completion of the project, a late fee may be applied at the discretion of Owner Inspections. 

Inspection Fee: Owner Inspections will provide an inspection fee prior to beginning work on a project based on the scope of work outlined in our inspection agreement. We will review all necessary materials in order to provide an accurate estimate. 

Our Reports: Our Reports carry out in accordance with the guidelines of Australian Standard 4349.1 2007 (Standard), which covers the minimum requirements for the Visual inspection of residential buildings. 

The purpose of the inspection is to provide a visual Inspection and provide in-writing advice only to the prospective purchaser/owner regarding the condition of the property at the date and time of inspection.

The Report is NOT a certificate of compliance that the property complies with the requirements of any Act, regulation, ordinance, local law or by-law, local council or other authorities, or as a warranty or an insurance policy against problems developing with the building in the future. 

The Report is based on the condition of the inspected property at the date and time of inspection. While the Inspection and Report were conducted and prepared with the possible care, still some access limitation and safety hazards can limit Inspector’s ability to detect all defects. These limits and safety items are defined in the standards.

This Report does not include the identification of unauthorised building work or work not compliant with building/council regulations. The Report does not include identification of the municipality regulations and requirements as well as identification of design defects for the construction. According to the Standards, the estimate of the costs of the rectifications is not required in the Reports.

Checking Legal matters, building contracts, design, easements, local council restrictions and requirements, crossovers, Strata title, boundaries, connections, building envelope, planning and building permits, setbacks and zonings are out of this Inspection and Report scope of work unless such a specific service is requested and paid for.

The Report will not include defects that may only be apparent in certain weather conditions or defects that have not yet appeared due to prolonged periods of wet or dry weather or other reasons.

An inspector shall only inspect areas where safe and unobstructed access is provided. Reasonable access is defined in AS4349.1-2007 and this Agreement. Reasonable access does not include removing stored material/goods, nails, screws, cutting or making access holes, and moving furniture.

Re-Inspection requests, while subject to the same conditions and terms of this Agreement, may incur a separate fee.

The Report will be based on Inspector’s assessment of major defects and safety hazards evident and visually visible on the date and time of the inspection. 

Copyright: All reports, photos, and related content produced by us remain under the company’s exclusive ownership — buyers are not permitted to reveal, share or copy these materials without formal written consent from Owner Inspections. Moreover, nothing can impede our right to disclose, share or sell the inspection reports to other parties and buyers in any way seen fit for purpose should we wish it so.

Limitation Of Liability: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall owner inspections or its affiliates be liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising out of or related to your use of our services including without limitation any damages resulting from delays in service or errors in providing such services or for any loss of profits, revenue or data that may result therefrom unless explicitly stated to the contrary by this agreement and treaty-law regulations if applicable in your area specifically for this service only as per these terms of use and nothing else along with specific legal considerations which may vary from state to state so please reference your own jurisdictional requirements before using our services under all circumstances at all times once you accept these terms of use and bind yourself therein completely as well as grant us immunity from liability under all situations throughout the course of this Agreement even if caused by negligence on our part unless explicitly stated otherwise hereinafter.No liability shall be accepted on an account of failure of the Report to notify any problems in the area(s) or section(s) of the subject property physically inaccessible for inspection, or to which access for inspection is denied by or to the Inspector (including but not limited to or any area(s) or section(s) so specified by the Report). 

Indemnification & Release: You agree that you shall indemnify Owner Inspections against any losses resulting from claims made against us arising directly or indirectly from your violation of these Terms & Conditions or misuse of our Services regardless if it was intentional on your part or not unless explicitly stated otherwise hereto through legal notice served promptly upon confrontation between parties involved during usage period with detailed explanation provided forthwith once notified in writing directly by us via official correspondence herein declared valid since acceptance thereof before consummation thereon within said Agreement henceforward hereby declared under such terms until resolution thereof adhering thereto throughout duration therein proclaimed freely before all parties involved while engaging within aforementioned terms found herein thusforth imminently binding agreements under treaty law provisions if applicable accordingly thereafter subject thereto until resolution effectively resolved mutually satisfying both parties during full duration thereon thusforth accepted pursuant thereto adherence towards aforementioned clauses held thereinunder valid authority herein declared symbiotically effective until rescindment otherwise notified officially upon reasonable request forthwith agreed upon once declared constitutionally binding thereto under civil law provision therein of established forthwith hereinafter viably binding said Agreement pursuant mutually agreed upon terms between all parties involved without prejudice against either party involved within this contract when ratified fully