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Pre-Sale Inspections

Why Is A Pre-Sale Inspection Important?

Sell your home confidently by getting your Pre-Sale Inspection report ready before listing it on the market and being shocked by potential buyers’ pre-purchase inspections, which may cause them to walk away from the contract or bid in the auction at the last minute. If you’re in the process of selling a home, it’s vital to be aware of any existing defects that could potentially hinder your selling campaign.

Are you selling your home but not sure which existing building defects may affect your sale?

Owner Inspections’ Pre-Sale Inspection reports significantly enhance a buyer’s confidence, knowing that you’ve taken the time to ensure the property’s condition and resolve any defects. Plus, it gives you a competitive advantage and could potentially speed up your selling campaign. So, it’s not just about knowing what might fail your selling campaign – it’s about proactively addressing those points to ensure a smooth and successful sale.

Uncomplicating the Client Journey: The Power of Pre-Sale Inspections
Benefits to Agents
Power of information, sell with confidence
A higher campaign success rate
Saving money for your clients
Protecting your vendors
Suitable for your campaigns
Buyer competition
Selling unconditionally
Faster deal closings
Single inspection - save your valuable time!
A great lead generation tool
Same-day reports

Take the guesswork out of selling – ensure a smoother, faster transaction with our pre-sale inspections – so give the Owner Inspections Team a call today!

Pre-Sale Inspections
Benefits to Vendors
Be ahead of buyers
Fix the defects now, and sell your home easier and quicker
Stand out from other selling competitors
Provide comfort to your family by allowing ONE building inspection only
No ongoing tenant access refusal
Sell unconditionally
Inspire confidence in buyers
Sell above the market price
Same-day reports

We help you be proactive, prepared, and get the best possible price for your property – so give the Owner Inspections Team a call today!

Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-Sale Inspection FAQs