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Property Damage Insurance Claim Assessments

Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits: In-Depth Analysis of Property Damage Claims.

Why Is An Insurance Claim Assessment Important?

The best solution to get a property damage insurance claim paid by insurance is to enlist the services of an independent building inspector. Having an independent inspection of the property can provide insurance companies with a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of the damage that has occurred, allowing them to make an accurate decision regarding the payment of your insurance claim.

How We Save You Money:

An insurance claim assessment of property offers significant financial benefits for claimants. It ensures accurate damage evaluation for full compensation, provides solid documentation to validate claims, and expedites the claim process for timely repairs. Additionally, we assist in reviewing the sufficiency of the current insurance plan to avoid overpaying or being underinsured. However, actual savings can depend on individual circumstances and policies, so professional advice is always recommended.
Insurance Assessment Conducted by Owner Inspections for Damage Claim

Report Inclusions

Armed with extensive training, qualifications, and insurance, our Building Insurance Claim Assessors excel in executing in-depth and precise evaluations of properties impacted by damage. Our broad-ranging property insurance claim inspection and assessment process pinpoints the degree of damage and stipulates any consequent repairs that might be needed.

A general overview of the property and its condition
An assessment of structural components such as roofs, walls, foundations, windows and doors
Identification and evaluation of any water or moisture damage
Evaluation of any fire, smoke or vandalism damage
Identification and evaluation of any electrical and plumbing issues
Assessment of any site drainage issues present in the building
Identification and evaluation of any flood-related damages
An examination of the property’s systems, such as heating, ventilation and cooling
Assessment of any hazardous materials present in the building
Identification and evaluation of dampness and mould issues

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Insurance Claim Assessment Specialists for a quote today!

Legs hanging from the ceiling because of a construction defect
Example Defects
insurance claim assessment - defect compound
insurance claim assessment - roof defect
insurance claim assessment - moisture issues
insurance claim assessment - window damage

Insurance Claim Assessment FAQs

  • An independent insurance damage claim inspection is a professional evaluation carried out by a neutral third party. It involves a detailed examination of property damage to determine its extent and cause, aiding in the accurate filing of insurance claims. This service is crucial for ensuring claims are fair and comprehensive.