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Tailored Expert Witness Reports for Construction Disputes

Resolve Disputes with Confidence: Our Expert Witness Reports Provide Clear, Informed Insights in Construction Cases.

Why Is An Expert Witness Report Important?

An Expert Witness Report is an independent evaluation of building defects, incomplete works, structural failures and building disputes. Our reports are prepared by an independent expert witness that examines the property to save you from costly legal fees and lengthy litigation processes. Additionally, expert witness reports play an essential role in the judicial process, as they provide valuable evidence and opinions on complicated matters. This means the courts and tribunals rely heavily on the knowledge of experts to ensure that justice is served efficiently and fairly.

How We Help You:

At Owner Inspections, we can provide you with our expert knowledge to help guide you through this tough process. All our experts have a wealth of qualifications and experience enough to investigate the building issues. It is essential that an expert witness understands their duties, responsibility and ethical obligations when providing an expert opinion for a legal case.

Understanding the Role of Expert Witness Reports in Building Inspections

Expert witness reports are required in various tribunals and courts across Australia. Depending on the nature of the building dispute and parties involved, this could include the Supreme Court, Federal Court, Magistrates’ Court, District Courts, Coroners Courts and State Civil and Administration Tribunals (VCAT, NCAT, QCAT, etc…)

Who Needs An Expert Witness Report?

If you are involved in a building dispute and need to prove building defects, you may need an Expert Witness Report as the best solution for you. You may need Expert Witness Report in any of the below matters:

Homeowners, Developers, Property Managers, Owner-Builders or Plaintiff Lawyers:

Has your building contractor:

Left you with defective or incomplete works?
Does not hold builder or trade licence?
Failed to complete the work within the contract timeframe?
Stopped progress of the construction
Issued unfair variations
Requesting stage payments before the stage completion
Bankrupted and left your project mid-way

If an insurance company has refused to pay you the cost of accrued damages, or your property is damaged due to your neighbour or council’s negligence – give the Owner Inspections Team a call!

Couple having a dispute with their builder about their construction
Builders, Architects, Engineers, Respondent Lawyers, and other industry practitioners: 

If your clients are unfairly claiming:

Defects over tolerance limits
Quality and compliance of your completed works
Your incomplete works
Damages or defects resulting from other parties' works
Defects after the warranty period
Design-related issues
Damages/defects accrued due to owner-supplied material
Losses/flaws incurred as a result of trades and labor provided by the owner
Issues arising from plans sourced by the owner that resulted in damages/defects.

If your client is refusing to pay your progress or final payment invoices – give the Owner Inspections Team a call!

Building Experts serving as expert witnesses for construction disputes
Tenants, Renters, Occupants, Lessees:

If the property you are paying rent for:

Is unsafe to live
Has building issues limiting access and/or safe use
Has growing mould due to building moisture-related defects
Is not fit for purpose

Or if you have any other issues that do not allow residents to use the property – give the Owner Inspections Team a call!

Tenant calling for help about her home water leak problem

Expert Witness Report Inclusions

Owner Inspections’ experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the area of construction methods, construction law, building regulations and relevant legislation.

Defective or poor workmanship
Incomplete works*
Defective works
Defective material
Defects remedy methods
An estimate of remedial work cost (upon request)
Non-compliant works
Building failure
Delayed works
Insurance claims

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Expert Witness Report Specialists for a quote today!

* Incomplete works: Incomplete works are the building works agreed by both parties (homeowner(s) and contractor) in any written agreement format, including quotation, contract, Architectural or Engineering plans, soil test report, specifications, email and text message, but not carried out by the contractor.

Construction professionals shaking hands in a construction site
Example Defects
Expert Witness Report Shows Drainage Defect
Expert Witness Report Shows Garage Door Damage
Expert Witness Report Shows Insulation Defect
Expert Witness Report Shows Pipe Defect

Expert Witness Report FAQs