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Dependable Drug Residue Testing for Health and Safety

Protect Your Environment: Trust Our Expert Drug Residue Testing to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Space.

Why Is Drug Residue Testing Important?

Drug residue, especially from methamphetamine, is a growing problem for homeowners, landlords, renters, and real estate agents in Australia. Drug Residue Testing is crucial as it addresses serious health and safety concerns. Exposure to illicit chemicals can cause various health issues, including respiratory problems, headaches, and dizziness. According to a report by the Australian Institute of Criminology, up to 1 in 10 homes in Australia could be contaminated with drug residue, particularly methamphetamine residue. The report indicates that there has been a significant increase in the number of residential properties contaminated with drug residue in recent years, underscoring the importance of this testing.

How We Help You:

We offer a comprehensive Drug Residue Testing service to detect and identify any drug residue present in your property. Our team of experienced and qualified inspectors uses advanced equipment to test for drug residue, including methamphetamine and other illicit substances. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to drug residue testing. That is why we offer fast and accurate results without compromising on quality. We offer flexible scheduling options and can provide fast turnaround times on our testing services.

Who Needs Drug Residue Testing?

Drug Residue Testing Benefits Homeowners
Homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their property
Drug Residue Testing Benefits Real Estate Agents
Real estate agents who want to provide safe and secure properties to their clients
Drug Residue Testing Benefits Landlords
Landlords who want to ensure the safety of their tenants
Drug Residue Testing Benefits Home Buyers
Anyone who is considering purchasing a pre-occupied property or checking their property after their tenant vacates

Report Inclusions

Drug residue can remain on surfaces, carpets, and ventilation systems for years after it was used, even after cleaning. This means that properties that were previously used to manufacture or consume drugs can still be contaminated, even if they appear clean. 

Advanced Testing Kits for Accurate Results

We use advanced drug residue testing kits to accurately detect and identify any drug residue present in your property. These kits are specifically designed to test for and other illicit substances on surfaces, carpets, and ventilation systems. With our state-of-the-art testing equipment and experienced team, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of our drug residue testing services.

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Drug Residue Testing Specialists for a quote today!

Drug Residue Testing Ensures the Safety of Your Family

Drug Residue Testing Frequently Asked Question

  • Drug Residue Testing is a service that detects and identifies illicit drug residues in properties. It involves inspecting various surfaces, including walls and floors, to identify traces of drugs like methamphetamine, ensuring a thorough assessment of potential contamination.