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Comprehensive Dilapidation Reports for Construction

Secure Your Project’s Integrity with Our In-Depth and Thorough Dilapidation Reports for Construction Sites.

Why Is A Building Dilapidation Report Important?

Dilapidation reports focus on protecting a property owner from potential litigation that may arise because of construction work conducted nearby. Often, construction sites will require excavation, tree removal, demolition, and other major activities resulting in a dramatic change in the landscape, which in turn can cause damage to buildings and roads around them. The building dilapidation report is the first step to ensuring that the work is safe for all neighbouring properties whilst protecting their assets in the future.

How We Save You Money:

Our detailed building dilapidation reports provide buyers with peace of mind and assist in making confident investment decisions. Our thorough property assessments uncover any issues, enabling effective budget planning prior to occupancy or sale. Clear and comprehensive reports empower you to make informed choices during purchasing and price negotiations, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience throughout the process.

Understanding Dilapidation Reports: Safeguarding Your Property Value

When is A Building Dilapidation Report Needed?

Home Construction
Home Construction
Major Renovation
Major Renovation
Civil Construction
Civil Construction

Report Inclusions

A building dilapidation report is highly recommended to secure your asset before any of the below construction activities commences on your or your neighbour’s property. Owner Inspections Dilapidation Reports provides comprehensive photographic evidence of all defects existing at the time of inspection, as well as a detailed description and assessment of the condition of these areas:

Floors, walls and ceiling
Roof cladding
Roof drainage system
Driveways and pathways
Stairs and balustrades
Balconies and porches
Windows and doors
Trees and landscaping
Fences and retaining walls
Footpath, nature strip and street
Neighbouring properties

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Building Dilapidation Report Specialists for a quote today!

Hand inspecting wall during a dilapidation report
Example Defects
building dilapidation report - brick defect
building dilapidation report - crack defect
building dilapidation report - defect downpipe
building dilapidation report - shower defect

Building Dilapidation Report FAQs

  • Our dilapidation reports are competitively priced, and the cost depends on several factors, such as the property size, number of properties, location, and scope of the report. Contact us for a quote today.