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Reliable Building Defect Report for Your Safety

Discover Comprehensive Protection with Our Thorough Building Defect Report, Prioritizing Your Safety and Investment.

What Is A Building Defect Report?

A building defect report is an expert inspection and report that goes beyond the scope of a regular home inspection. This type of inspection looks for complicated and unusual issues in a property that may not be found during a standard home inspection.  This inspection is the best option to address unusual and complicated property issues you may have noticed in the property and needs an expert assessment for the source of the defect and the best and cheapest repair recommendations.

If you believe the issues are resulted from contractors’ work and aim to proceed with legal action to a tribunal or court to recover the damages, our Expert Witness Reports would be the best option for you; Or get our Insurance Claim Assessment report if you claim the damages to your insurance company.

How We Save You Money:

Knowing the exact source of the defect and repair solution and recommendations allows you to get the proper repair quotation from the right contractors and prevents you from being misled by contractors exaggerating the existence and severity of defects and charging you unfairly. Once you notice a defect in your property, and before you get a trade or a builder to give you an expensive defect repair quote, get our building defect reports that will provide detailed information about the defects present in your property and the repair recommendations. This can help you to decide whether rectification is needed or not. 

Who Needs A Building Defect Report?
Property owners
Property buyers
Building contractors
Insurance companies
Inspector Conducting a Building Defect Report

Building Defect Report Inclusions

Our team of inspectors, engineers, building biologists, and other specialists that conducting this type of inspection have extensive experience with complicated and unusual building defects, as well as knowledge about building materials, construction techniques, and the complicated systems that are part of a home and will look for and advise on preventive measures that can be taken to help avoid future costly repairs and damage.

Any issues unique to your property
Structural defects
Visual defects
Safety defects
Design Defects
Water Leaks
Moisture readings
Thermal imaging results
Non-compliant works
Repair recommendations

Take the guesswork out of identifying defects – ensure detailed, same-day, reliable reports with our Building Defect Investigation Inspections – give the Owner Inspections Team a call today!


Building Defect Report FAQs