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Enhance Building Excellence with Builder’s Work Quality Assurance Inspections

Gain Peace of Mind and Superior Construction Quality with Our Detailed Builder’s Work Quality Assurance Inspections.

Why Is A Construction Quality Assurance Inspection Important?

Builders, stop suffering from shoddy trades workmanship! When defects and damages emerge years after the completion of a construction project, builders face an unfortunate financial hit by having up to 10 years of warranty as the main contractor, while those trades responsible for shoddy workmanship often escape without any consequences. The solution? During construction, the tradespeople must be held accountable for any defects in their workmanship. To ensure this happens and defects are fixed before trades get fully paid, a comprehensive list of trade-specific defects should be prepared throughout construction, ensuring all defects are fixed by responsible trades in time, not by innocent builders in the future.

How We Help You:

We have introduced a comprehensive quality assurance program that offers builders cost-effective construction stage inspections to ensure the trade’s defects are quickly identified and rectified. This allows busy site supervisors and builders more time for other critical tasks, thanks to our experienced inspectors diligently reviewing each trade’s workmanship on behalf of the builders. The reports produced by our inspections are strictly confidential and will be shared exclusively with builders. Homeowners will not have access to these reports, as they are intended solely for builders’ internal quality assurance purposes.

How Much Does Construction Quality Assurance Inspection Cost?

Our quality assurance inspection and reports cost less than fixing a single defect later on and save tens of thousands of dollars for the builder as they eliminate potential risks or unnecessary expenses that can accumulate from substandard works.

Additionally, our inspections provide a more proactive approach to problem-solving, allowing issues to be identified early on and corrected before they become major problems. This will enable builders to identify potential risks sooner, leading to more cost-effective solutions.

House plan with Quality Assurance Inspections highlighting savings.
Does Construction Quality Assurance Inspection Cause Delays?

Not at all; indeed, it shortens the construction time. How so?

Undoubtedly, many experienced builders have found themselves dealing with frustrating delays caused by defective trades workmanship, hindering them from completing their projects. Your project is at risk of significant delays and cost overruns due to the defective work of prior trades could be compounded by any subsequent tasks. Act now to ensure your plans stay on track!

Our comprehensive inspections ensure that any defects are addressed before they can cause delays and impede the progress of other trades. This helps you keep the projects on schedule so they’re completed efficiently and effectively.

 Image illustrating how Quality Assurance Inspections save you time and money.
Are Building Surveyor Mandatory Inspections Inadequate?

As required by Building Surveyors, inspections during a construction’s slab, frame and completion phases typically have limited coverage. This means crucial facets such as waterproofing, insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, tiling, fixtures, roof drainage system, flooring, roof and wall cladding, safety matters, and more elements may not be effectively checked – leaving them vulnerable to costly post-construction repairs for the builder if any issues are discovered down the line.

Inspector Doing Quality Assurance Inspection During Build
Why Do Successful Builders Get Our Construction Quality Assurance Inspections?
Reducing the risk of future building disputes
Improved accuracy and precision in construction projects
Reduced risk of non-compliant practices or materials being used
Accountability of trades and subcontractors for defective works
Increased efficiency in the building process
Improved job site organization and scheduling
Reduced risk of unexpected setbacks and delays
Reduced time spent on follow-up or repair work
Comprehensive project documentation, from start to finish
Accurate records for warranty and insurance purposes
Fixing defects before they become serious issues
Fewer material wastes
Reduced costs
Improved safety standards
High customer satisfaction

We help you be proactive, prepared, and get the best possible outcome for your build – so give the Owner Inspections Team a call today!

Image of a satisfied builder, emphasizing the benefits of Quality Assurance Inspections

Inspections We Offer

Builders can choose from stage inspection or trade specific work inspection.

Strategy B
Trade-Specific Work Inspections:
Excavation and Earthworks
Concreting & Paving
Carpentry and Joinery
Structural Steel Installation
Masonry works
Hebel installation
Windows and Doors Installation

The Team at Owner Inspections are available at all hours to take your query. Please contact our Builder’s Work Quality Assurance Specialists for a quote today!

Builders’ Work Quality Assurance Inspections FAQs

  • Our inspectors are licensed professionals with comprehensive training in construction and building standards. They hold licenses issued by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), NSW Fair Trading, and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Many of our inspectors have engineering degrees and several are former builders, providing them with a practical understanding of the construction industry. Their qualifications are enhanced by certifications in building inspection and extensive field experience, ensuring high standards of accuracy and professionalism in our inspections