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Meet The Owner Inspections Team

Meet our highly skilled and qualified building inspectors who ensure the safety and quality of every project. With extensive certifications and qualifications, they possess expertise in various areas such as structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and fire safety. Our team members undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest building codes and regulations. Rest assured that your project will be meticulously assessed and thoroughly inspected by professionals dedicated to safety, quality, and compliance. Feel free to explore their profiles and contact us for any further assistance. We look forward to delivering the highest level of expertise in building inspections.

Co-Founder, Senior Building Consultant & Expert Witness

Maison is a highly experienced Building Consultant and Expert Witness with over 21 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate about quality construction and aims to contribute to the community by helping homeowners live in the high-quality homes they deserve.

Maison is very quality orientated, and this commitment to excellence has led him to be successful in business. He is also highly regarded in the industry as a Member of the Australian Society of Building Consultants and an Expert Witness. Maison’s skillset covers Steel, Concrete and Timber structures, making him an invaluable asset when it comes to assessing building damage.

He possesses excellent determination and will to succeed, as well as integrity and morality. These qualities have seen him through many challenges throughout his career, while his continuous learning and updation in construction and law keep him at the forefront of his field and make him someone you can highly trust.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Building Consultation
  • Expert Witness Inspection and Reports
  • Building Dispute & Resolutions
  • Building Defect Assessments
  • Strata Defect Inspections and Reports
  • Remedial Works Advice
  • Defect Investigation
  • Structural defects
  • Water Ingress Diagnostics
  • Waterproofing Quality Assurance
  • New Home Construction Stage Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections
  • Steel, Concrete and Timber Structure Inspections
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Strata Building Bond & Inspection Scheme
Civil Engineering Expert

Brian stands as a pillar of excellence in our team, boasting an impressive 15 years of experience in Civil Engineering, enriched further by 7 years as a registered RPEQ engineer. His journey through the ranks of Senior Civil Engineer at leading firms has equipped him with a profound capability to spearhead infrastructure projects with an adept mix of expertise and leadership. Brian is our go-to expert for delivering high-quality, cost-efficient, and effective engineering solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Brian’s contribution to our team goes beyond his technical skills; his leadership, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to our company and clients alike.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Civil Engineering Design: Brian’s prowess extends to designing comprehensive stormwater drainage networks, sewer and water infrastructure, earthworks, roads, pavements, along with conducting traffic impact assessments and crafting flood management strategies.
  • Project Management: He excels in overseeing construction operations, managing budgets and schedules, ensuring safety compliance, and performing cost estimation and control with a keen eye for detail.
  • Specialized Skills: Brian is adept at conducting overland flow studies, hydrology and hydraulic modeling, and flood assessments, showcasing his versatile skill set.
  • Software Proficiency: His toolkit includes advanced proficiency in AutoCAD, Civil 3D, DRAINS, 12d Model, HEC-RAS, and the MS Office Suite, enabling him to leverage technology for efficient project execution.
Senior Structural Engineer

Shahab is an accomplished Civil and Structural Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has a proven track record in delivering high-quality civil and structural design, inspection and quality assurance for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Steel, reinforced concrete and timber structures design

  • Post tension structures

  • Seismic design and FEA modelling 

  • Site inspection, Quality assurance and material testing

  • Structural assessment and expert witness reports

Building Biologist and Mould Specialist

Joanne is a certified building biologist who evaluates health hazards in the built environment and provides strategies to address exposure and/or source control. She completed her training with the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) and has advanced training in Mould Technician Course (BLDBIO606) and Mould Testing and Destructive Sampling (RTO21740) training through ACES. Additionally, she completed the Water Damage and Restoration Certificate through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). She is also a certified EMR consultant and has completed a nationally accredited course in Electromagnetic Field Testing (BLDBIO602).

Joanne has been helping to create healthier homes for over ten years by assessing hundreds of places such as homes, schools and workplaces. She recognises mould & EMF exposure issues while also being more passionate about preventive actions, equipping people with the right tools to keep their living environments healthy by understanding potential health hazards. Her expertise has seen her featured on numerous radio programmes related to wellness, plus Channel Ten’s ‘Healthy Homes’ program – all part of her mission towards greater awareness around creating safe habitats for everyone.


Josh has over 20 years of experience in residential construction. He has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Modelling, both from Deakin University. Josh has worked in various roles, including Technical and Compliance Manager, Building Consultant, and Quality Assurance Inspector at luxury and volume builder companies.

In his previous roles, Josh had several duties, including managing the compliance aspects of the business, overseeing DBDRV and VCAT matters, assessing and determining coverage for complex maintenance and warranty issues, managing the day-to-day running of the Maintenance and Warranty team, and ensuring that all homes comply with Australian Standards, NCC, VBA Standards & Tolerances, manufacturers installation guidelines, contractual documentation, and industry best practices.

Josh is proficient in technical report writing and has provided thousands of quality, maintenance and warranty, insurance, and structural reports. He has a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and is able to fully comprehend technical documents, engineering drawings, reports, and Australian Standards. Josh’s broad experience in commercial matters, especially within the construction industry, allows him the confidence to liaise with clients, internal/external stakeholders, and other colleagues with assurance and composure, even in unfamiliar situations.

Josh is currently working in two roles: as an inspector and expert witness at Owner Inspection, and as a lawyer at a legal firm. As a lawyer, he is responsible for drafting correspondence and legal documents, participating in client interviews, court and tribunal filings, conducting research for upcoming matters, and client liaison. He is also responsible for the technical aspects of construction claims, ensuring matters are ready for hearings, tracking deadlines, and analysing legal documents.


Senior Structural Engineer – Remedial Works

Parham is a Chartered Structural Engineer and Registered National Structural Engineer with over 25 years of experience in structural engineering. He has worked on numerous large and complex remedial engineering projects in Australia and overseas, providing specialist consultancy services in various areas of the building and construction industry.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Remedial Work Engineering

  • Building and Façade Diagnostics

  • Structural condition assessment and diagnostic reports

  • Structural repairs and strengthening solutions

  • Structural and façade safety auditing

  • Structural retrofitting design

  • Concrete repair and corrosion prevention

  • Concrete cancer remediation

  • Foundation and retaining walls remediation

  • Heritage building structural remediation

  • Remediation design and specifications

  • Dilapidation surveys

  • Water ingress diagnostics

  • Waterproofing design for new and existing buildings

  •  Building defect reports

  • Strategic and technical advice

Principal Façade Engineer

Arash is a Principal Structural and facade Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He holds a BEng(Civil), MEng (Structural), MSc (Project Management), and MBA(Strategic Management) from some of the most prestigious universities in Australia and overseas. 

Arash has extensive experience in both design and management roles across multiple sectors, including commercial, residential, health, aged care, education, correctional facilities and industrial. His key areas of expertise include facade design, structural engineering design for steel and concrete structures, and project management.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Facade Design and assessment 

  • Curtain and window walls

  • Façade Structure Interactions

  • Façade Wind and Seismic Analysis

  • Façade blast design 

  • Façade Waterproofing

  • Remedial works and façade rectifications

  • Durability and material protection

  • Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

  • Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP)

  • Glass and aluminium cladding Design

  • Thermal assessment

  • PMU and onsite testing and assessments

  • Earthquake Analysis

  • Seismic provisions

  • Cyclonic and Non-Cyclonic Wind Analysis

  • Condition survey and reports

Building Biologist

Kelly is a professional in the building biology and mould testing industry. She has completed an Advanced Diploma of Building Biology and Mould Testing (BLDBIO606) through the Australian College of Environmental Studies (RTO 21740). Kelly is also IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration.

Kelly has been working in the field for seven years and previously worked for the NSW Government in Operations Management at Sydney Olympic Park Authority. Currently, she does mould and water damage assessments, EMF assessments, and full building biology assessments. She is also experienced in assessing flood damage-related insurance claims.

Having seen a lot of common issues with homes during her time on building sites etc., Kelly is very passionate about our industry and building biology in particular. She also works with people to create a healthy home.


Civil/Structural Engineer

Ali is a Civil and Structural Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has extensive experience in design roles across multiple sectors, including commercial, residential (low-rise to high-rise buildings), health, aged care, education, and industrial. Ali’s key areas of expertise include complex Industrial design, structural engineering design for steel and concrete structures, and project management.

He possesses excellent determination and will to succeed, as well as integrity and morality. These qualities have seen him through many challenges throughout his career, while his continuous learning and updation in construction and law keep him at the forefront of his field and make him someone you can highly trust.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Residential structural and civil /stormwater design

  • Commercial structural and civil /stormwater design

  • Industrial structural design

  • Cyclonic and Non-Cyclonic Wind Analysis

  • Earthquake Analysis

Senior Stormwater and Sewer Drainage Systems Consultant

Kamyar has a highly accomplished background in civil engineering with a wealth of expertise that extends to all civil and stormwater design areas, using various software programs. He also has extensive knowledge of Australian Codes and local Councils’ guidelines.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Stormwater drainage design
  • Sewer and water reticulations
  • Detention systems
  • Catchment analysis
  • Flood control systems
  • Feature surveys
  • Quality assurance
  • Critical site inspections
Building & Pest Inspector

Max is an experienced and well-organised construction professional with a proven track record of delivering high-quality work on time who brings diverse experience resulting from working with contractors, developer builders, and client-side for a Government entity as a project manager and engineer, as well as general structures and finishes supervisor. His experience covers commercial and residential projects, including high-end finish low-rise apartments, high-rise mixed-use, and luxury apartments. 

Max has a distinguished educational background in civil engineering and construction. His qualifications include diplomas in Project Management, Building and Construction, Structural Engineering and Design, complementing his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Maximising his professional development as a building inspector, Max also obtained certificates in Concrete Practice & Technology, Welding Inspection and Visual Testing (VT), Principles of Excavation, and Geotechnical and Retaining Structures. Equipped with this expertise, he is well on track to perfect the craft of inspecting buildings!

Peter M.
Building Inspector

Peter is a man of many talents and years of experience in the construction industry. His construction industry journey started as a qualified carpenter over 30 years ago and soon progressed to becoming a supervisor and construction manager. With his wealth of experience in the housing industry, Peter has undertaken work in many different areas, including cabinet making, renovations, house framing and staircase building. In addition, he has also been a new home and Maintenance Quality Assurance Inspector for major Australian volume builders. One of Peter’s key strengths is knowing all residential building defects inside out. This level of expertise has earned him a reputation for professionalism, punctuality, and an eye for detail.

Peter W.
Building & Pest Inspector

With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, Peter Wilson has been a significant player in constructing more than 300 dwellings. With carpentry being his starting point back in 1989, he quickly moved on to take up roles as supervisor and manager for medium-density developments – where his expertise was further developed during this period. He also holds qualifications that enable him to perform timber pest inspections and prepare corresponding reports, having completed an impressive thousand such so far.

Building Inspector

Ty is a registered domestic building practitioner with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He is a qualified carpenter with a range of construction qualifications, including a diploma in building and construction (building), a bachelor of architecture, an advanced diploma in building surveying, and a waterproofing compliance certificate of attainment.

Building & Pest Inspector

Burak is a highly driven and results-orientated professional with a passion for building his career in the construction industries and sport management. He has a Registered Building Practitioner qualification, a Diploma in Building and Construction and many years of experience working in the housing industry. As a Supervisor and Construction Manager, he has gained intimate knowledge of all residential building defects, making him the perfect Quality and Assurance Inspector for your next project.

Building Inspector

Ibrahim is a highly experienced registered builder who always puts his all into every job. He takes great pride in his work and always aims for high-quality results. Ibrahim has a wealth of knowledge in different building inspections and Quality Inspections, which he attained through his studies at Macquarie University – Bachelor of Science, Cert III carpentry and Certificate IV in Building and construction.

Qualified Building and Pest Inspector

Babak has always had a passion for construction and engineering. After completing his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, he began his career in the building industry. He has worked as a builder, site supervisor and project manager on many residential projects. Babak holds licenses in termite management and completed residential building inspections in Queensland. Babak is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) from the USA.

Senior Building Inspector, Structural Engineer

Mehran Orangi is a seasoned civil and structural engineer with over 22 years of experience in the industry. His career spans across various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial fields, resulting in a comprehensive and versatile skill set. His academic background includes a B.S in Civil/Structural Engineering from IUT (1997), a Diploma of Building Surveying from Tasmania TAFE (2014), and an M.E in Construction Management from the University of Calgary & SUT (2005).

Mehran’s substantial engineering and inspection experience, paired with his strong academic foundation, has equipped him to deliver top-tier services and build robust relationships with clients and industry professionals. His passion for his work and commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards is reflected in every project he undertakes.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • New Construction Inspections for Residential Buildings
  • Building Dispute Inspection and reports – Expert Witness
  • Assessment of Welds for Steel Structures
  • Safety protocols for Industrial and Hazardous Areas including Confined Spaces and use of Breathing Apparatus
  • Asbestos Assessment associated with Removal
  • Termite and Pest Management
  • Legal Obligations in Construction
  • Estimation of Building Works
  • Management of Occupational Health & Safety
Family Chow
Family Chow
We are so lucky to have Owner Inspections to inspect our house building. They are professional and easy to communicate. They are also very responsible to keep reminding our schedules for inspection. And the reports are very detailed, too. Moreover the cost is reasonable. Highly recommended!
dupinder kaur
dupinder kaur
Great services
Mori Morian
Mori Morian
Superprofessional and Amazing customer service with competitive prices.
Thanks goodness we engaged Owner Inspections as our independent inspector for our build. The defects identified in our build have been concerning. Who knows what the finished product would have been like without these inspections.
Ned Pankhurst
Ned Pankhurst
Very happy with their service. They were very thorough. Found lots of things that I wouldn't have picked up.
Samuel Byrne
Samuel Byrne
I recently used Owner Inspections and was thoroughly impressed. The team arrived on time, were professional and efficient, and identified several issues that I wouldn't have noticed myself. Their report was detailed and easy to understand, and I feel much more confident in the condition of my property thanks to their work. Highly recommend!
Sarathy AU
Sarathy AU
Owner Inspections has done 5 inspections so far and it has been very thorough so far. Reports are given pretty much within an hour from the inspection. They have been very flexible with appointments as our SS then, kept changing the dates and times at a very short notice and Des in the office has been very helpful with short notices. Burak was the inspector who did most of our inspections and got things sorted out with the SS pretty quickly. Waiting for the PCI inspection and hopefully it turns out well. Thanks Des and Burak for your assistance throughout. 😊
High attention to detail. Our framing stage inspection was performed by Burak who provided detailed report and seems knowledgeable. The submitted report mentioned everything from a minor to a major defect which could impact the structure. Keep up the good work.
ubaid jowher
ubaid jowher
Excellent, tailored service. Easy cancellation of an appointment if your construction progress is delayed. Highly recommended